I wish there was a magical wand I could wave and tell every family/child "what to wear". It's complicated because you want your outfits to reflect who you are, your style, but yet they can make or break a picture. Here are some things that I can say:

Infants look best in clothing that fits them well. I do not suggest collars or overalls on babies that can not sit up. Sometimes dresses are even difficult. Simple is better when it comes to infants. Now overalls and dresses are great once the baby is able to stand, or at least sit up.

Families look best in coordinating colors. I like layers, they add texture. Sometimes simple things like necklaces, headbands, scarves and belts can really add character. I will tell you the truth, I always pick *my* outfit out first, then coordinate the rest of my family around me. Why? Because it's hard to find an outfit that I like, and the rest of my family is easy!

Go to the mall, have fun, surf pintrest, get ideas. Need some help? Send me some ideas and I will tell you what I think.